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A map in the Destroyed style, and consequently involving malfunctioning/overgrown/broken elements.
Not everything in this map works toward the solution, even though it may have been part of the original chamber

Anyway, a chance for me to work on lighting, scenery and sound as much as anything.

All intelligible comments are very welcome

Revision R1b:
Thanks already to folk pointing out an exploit in the last area - since fixed @ 16:00 GMT 28/08
Also a potential trap alluded to by xdiesp in the unlit area opened by the first box-button - fixed @ 12:15 GMT 29/08

Revision R1c:
Altered the second chamber to negate the obvious (Once Portal2Two had shown it) easy way to deal with the turrets there - talk about blinded by your own routine! - fixed 18:00 GMT 31/08


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