[Coop] Space Gardens  1.2

Uploaded Thu Apr 05, 2012 3:09 pm by Fluppy


The "Space Gardens" mappack takes place on the moon in the facility known as Creative Futures Space Gardens (CFSG). Activated by SIMBALD, you'll play as the robots with the task of activating the facility's main water pumps. 6 challenging test chambers, new test elements and plants await you on the moon!

To install and play:

1. Extract everything from portal2 folder to your Portal 2 folder (Steam/steamapps/common/portal 2/portal 2).
2. Be sure that your co-op partner extracted everything too.
3. Type "snd_updateaudiocache" into the console and press Enter
4. Start a co-op game.
5. Type "changelevel mp_coop_cf_space_gardens" into the console and press Enter
6. Enjoy the game!


Change log:


Added easter egg to lobby
Both players should hear songs now
Edited something in chamber 2
Fixed panel bug in chamber 4
Added overlays to chamber 4
Fixed unintended solution in chamber 5
Various bug fixes


Fixed some unintended solutions in the last map
Removed player clip from stairs (enjoy falling down!)
Added music to 4th chamber
4th chamber now has 2 separate buttons (thanks Insomnautik!)
Various bug fixes / changes in design


Special thanks to:

Gig - betatesting, puzzle design
Strnadik - textures
warnightify - ideas
chickenmobile - scripts, awesome lobby
That Greek Guy - betatesting
Pitkakorva - help
geoffegg - speech
and many others!

Don't forget to rate this mappack and write your opinions to map's thread after you finish the game!


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    Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:15 pm by Fluppy
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